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As a service to those to you, my advice is precisely the same advice God gave us in His word and it is “Do not fear” that if we look more closely into it, is more like a command—Fear Not

I refer of course at this present time to the Coronavirus pandemic
but it also applies to every situation in life

I do not need to elaborate on the effects and the actioning being taken by various governments around the world.

I recommend that you keep yourself informed, but urge you to exercise wisdom in doing so. Discern between political hyperbole and reality. Unfortunately, the media usually garners followers by sensationalizing everything that happens so as to drive traffic toward their platform (to acquire more advertising sponsorship). This global pandemic is revealing fake information, rumours, myths and misinformation and it’s spreading faster around the world than the virus itself. COVI-19’s spread in the age of social media has sparked anxiety, and panic. Social media cannot always be trusted due to the nature of the platform. People can and do publish all kinds of things that include personal opinions, hearsay, pure fantasy and hype as well as some elements of fact. I said fact and not truth.

How do people discern fact from fake?

I urge you to sit still with God and ask Him what He has to say on the matter, reveal truth to you, show you what to do and how to go about it and show you things from His word that will produce comfort, stability and peace.

Above all—do Not be afraid... We are witnessing increasing confusion and fear and it is the fear aspect that  is probably most dangerous of all...

This will be a large presentation, but I make no apology for it. I have much information to share that covers a wide range of topics for you to weigh up for yourself.

It is simply an attempt to render assistance in some way and perhaps answer some nagging questions. What could be a common question is, “How long will this last?” It could last a month, 2 months, 6 months, years, or.....? What if it never goes away?

I am not being an alarmist or pessimistic but merely posing questions for you to weigh up because it is evident already that our lives have changed and we all need to know where we stand with God, regardless of what does or does not happen. I believe that we have a bright and wonderful future.


A shaking:
For several years now, the Lord has been getting us to start looking at things differently. It has been difficult at times, because I have had to do a total reappraisal of ministry and church life in general and put things under a microscope to compare what we have been doing with what God has really said in His word.
I have also had to reconsider how we measure success.
My whole approach to ministry and church life has been shaken, but shaken in a good sense.

God has told us that a shaking will happen. It need not be said, but the whole world is shaking right now. Our whole way of life is changing and I suspect that it may never be the same again. I think that this is a good thing in many ways, because it could herald in something we have anticipated since Jesus left. I talk of course of His return.

I understand the skepticism of some people, because over the years, many foolish things have been said and done, all supposedly “in His name” or “prophetic” but that does not negate His promise to return.

We tend to measure things by our own standards and not by God’s, both time-wise, ministry wise and by materialistic prosperity
 If He said He would return—He will.

Perhaps we are the generation that is witnessing some or all of the conditions heralding it. I am not going to get onto that now however, but deal with the issues we are currently facing. They “might” be related.

As for this shaking, look at what God said about it:

So be careful and do not refuse to listen when God speaks. Others refused to listen to him when he warned them on earth, and they did not escape. So it will be worse for us if we refuse to listen to God who warns us from heaven.
When he spoke before, his voice shook the earth, but now
he has promised, “Once again I will shake not only the earth but also the heavens.”
The words “
once again” clearly show us that everything that was made—things that can be shaken—will be destroyed.
Only the things that cannot be shaken will remain.
let us be thankful, because we have a kingdom that cannot be shaken.
We should worship God in a way that pleases him with respect and fear, because our God is like a fire that burns things up. Hebrews 12:25-29

Test everything:
I often say, at the point of becoming boring to never accept anything that anyone tells you and it does not matter who is talking! Check everything out for yourself as per Acts 17:11.  Preachers, politicians, social media blogs and posts, You-tube presentations and the media in general are not always right.
They may present information and  facts, but not necessarily truth! People push their own agendas and can mix a portion of “truth” with a lot of falsehood. If you really want to know the truth, go to The Source Of Truth and ask Him yourself.
In the process, find out what God has said about the matter in His word. It is shocking to find out how many professing Christians do not do this and they are always searching—ever learning,  but never coming to a knowledge of the truth according to  2 Timothy 3:7. Their lives are often in a mess. My question then is, “What is being shaken?” and “How?”

Obviously, we shall look at the coronavirus that is sweeping over the world. There have been many theories as to how, where and when it originated. I shall touch on this later, but from a totally different perspective that may startle you. I provide it merely as food for thought. I return to the change processes and how God reveals things to His servants the prophets.

We need to operate similar to the “sons of Issachar,” who were men who understood the times and knew what Israel should do (see 1 Chronicles 12:32) but are we...really? God has been trying to get our attention for decades and we really have not been listening!

He does reveal things to His servants the prophets.
This is a principle seen in Deuteronomy 29:29; Proverbs 25:2; Daniel 2:22; Amos 3:7and John 15:15. Certain groups tell us that prophets no longer exist, but this is wrong. A genuine prophet (not a self-appointed “word giver”) is appointed by the Lord and is one of the five ascension gift ministries listed in Ephesians 4.

They can and do hear from the Lord today. They can and do give prior notice of things that can happen and we see this in Acts 11:28 when a group of prophets including Agabus earned of a great dirth that would sweep the world. It happened just as he said and this is recorded in history during the life of Claudius Caesar. There is absolutely no reason why God does not do the same today. Unfortunately others who are dubbed as prophets are peddling their wares and selling products. Some are saying that this is not going to be serious and will shortly pass and that God will not allow suffering. This is not what the bible says and I shall share more on this later.
I believe that they are prostituting the word of God, so be cautious in what you receive!

I dislike using the tags and titles so often used in churches, but have to say that I am primarily a prophet and have avoided using that title.
A genuine ministry does not need to prove it. I am also a pastor and I am zealous for the Lord’s Church—the Body of Christ worldwide and fervently wish more Christians would adopt a similar approach. In my 52 years with the Lord, this coming September, God has graciously enriched my life in many ways. He has taken me to heaven several times and the Lord has visited me in my home. He has also permitted me to see angels and visions that, like Paul, are almost impossible to describe.

For such reasons, I no longer play church! As a result, my popularity level is low with many pastors who treat me and others like me as if they are aliens from another planet, but I don’t care. I am not a man pleaser. Many others like me are questioning how we do church and that is obviously very unpopular.  Many others like me are aware of these changes, but people really do not like to hear about change. Perhaps now, people will listen to voices like mine and not treat us like freaks.

This stance has permitted me to look outside the box so to speak and I can observe things—as a prophet—from a distance. Sometimes that is not possible when you are in the middle of things happening around you when engaged in church activities.


For a long time now and particularly since the beginning of this year, the Lord has been impressing on my wife and myself many things that were startling, yet very encouraging, but hard to comprehend. They are now happening. If you recall, I published an article titled 20/20 in early February that touched on this, saying to expect radical change. It could perhaps change our whole way of life. Those who cannot adapt or are unwilling to embrace change may be in for a rude awakening.

It is no longer business as usual—perhaps the usual is no more. Everything has changed.

You may have never experienced the kind of rationing and shortages that existed during World War 2 and shortly afterwards, but we are already facing similar issues. Supermarkets are all but empty already and panic buying is revealing the worst of fallen man’s behavior, but there is enough to go around at present. Supermarkets and the government are asking people to stop panic buying as the warehouses and supply chains are still full and intact. They cannot keep the shelves full during panic buying! I must ask however, “What would You do if the supply chain totally fails?” Those end time prophecies and global catastrophe movies that once seemed pure fantasy might not be so ridiculous after all!

Enough of that. How about pastors and churches? Is your pastor keeping you up to speed with real events? It’s not easy, I know, but if a man takes on the role of ministering to the Lord’s sheep, he has to feed them; lead by example; teach And preach truth, build up the sheep and not fleece the sheep and more...

A pastor thus has all kinds of things to consider that the congregation does not need to do. They include things like the government regulations to adhere to, keep updated and report. I am registered with the Australia Government and must submit annual reports on my activities. They include things like providing public liability insurances and all kinds of hidden matters.

If a pastor of a church wants his own church building, he also needs all the facilities associated with it. They include maintenance costs, insurances, land taxes if applicable, staff wages and more. All this happens even if there are no meetings and many churches are empty most of the week anyhow.

For many years now, the Lord has been trying to get my attention and the attention of others, that the way we do church may no longer be what He wants and to get away from all that!  I will not get in to church politics now, but it is self evident that, despite the hype and the programs attendances are slowly declining, or are not what we pretend they are. We believe, from what the Lord has been telling us is that small groups or home churches is most likely the way He wants us to go.

He has also been speaking about what He has called Green Spots dotted around the world. We did not really understand that until now. Those green spots are something like the cities of refuge in the Old Testament. They are places where Christians who are tuning in, are getting away from supermarket foods and growing their own—totally devoid of additives, preservatives and genetically modified products and returning to the original pattern God gave us!

Churches and communities can come together and share all things in common. A local “church” can have a plot of land and grow fresh produce in the middle of a crisis when supermarket shelves are empty! Money plowed into keeping the building used for a few hours a week could be diverted into real practical projects 24/7. We started looking at this in 2010, but did not really comprehend it then. I was planning to build a global ministry center on 132 acres of land and build a church for 2000 members, but would have followed the same lines as the other churches I knew and, to be honest, might have failed. The reason is simple. It was the wrong time, in the wrong place and we were not ready ourselves for what is now coming.

I am not getting onto fads and weird offshoots at all.  This is now starting to make sense.

Something I never really gave much attention to other than glibly quoting it is the fact that our bodies are the temples of the Holy Spirit. We have all focused on ministry from the spiritual side and to a certain extent have totally ignored that we are triune beings comprising spirit, soul and body. We correctly concentrate on getting people saved and into our churches and go to great lengths to cater to the different age groups and fellowship groups, conduct bible study evenings and have special events as I did—but generally speaking we have all but ignored caring properly for our bodies. Can you recall meetings in your local church that teach how to feed and clothe our temples properly? I can’t and I never did that.

One thing that is emerging more and more is the necessity for Christians to eat right! We are so accustomed to fast foods, junk foods, easy fix foods and supplies that are often artificial without checking the labels, we have been slowly poisoning ourselves. Our natural immune systems cannot cope and Christians are sick, despite the healing ministry of Jesus. I did not mention pharmaceuticals but shall do so later.

We pastors have a duty of care and a moral obligation to lead by example and teach the congregations about these things, but we really are not doing it. My old denomination and others do not teach this. They are advocating church planting, daughter churches and campuses. Where did the term campus originate? Please look closely now at all the different kinds of church programs and meetings and see how “practical” they are in really equipping their flocks for real life. If you do an honest appraisal and look at their web sites, I think that you would find what I am saying is correct. If so, then most of them falling down on the job. Many large churches are now exposed in ways they never considered before. Severe restrictions are being placed on large gatherings of people in all areas of life. Our governments are placing restrictions on the numbers pof people pemritted to gather in non essential meetings.This includes churches. If large meetings become obsolete and I use that word carefully, many churches will be in serious trouble and may be forced to close.

Many churches are already ceasing corporate meetings and streaming services on-line if they have the facilities. Some publish voice recordings of sermons. Many others do not even have that. What happens to the people who have been geared up to hold church for a few hours a week only in a building somewhere? What happens to the people who do not yet know the Lord and are in need of answers, prayer and real ministry?
The larger churches in particular depend on financial support from the congregation by way of tithes and offerings to keep running.
I doubt if such support will continue. Think about it.

Many churches are already ceasing corporate meetings and streaming services on-line if they have the facilities. Some publish voice recordings of sermons. Many others do not even have that. What happens to the people who have been geared up to hold church for a few hours a week only in a building somewhere? What happens to the people who do not yet know the Lord and are in need of answers, prayer and real ministry? The larger churches in particular depend on financial support from the congregation by way of tithes and offerings to keep running. I doubt if such support will continue. Think about it.

If we have heard correctly from the Lord and if others I know have heard correctly from the Lord, we may never return to the way we have been doing church. Perhaps we might have to return to the original pattern of home churches and the like as we see in the New Testament! If this is true, then what do we do, especially if you are a pastor? Here are a few points to consider.

  • The church has to learn to see beyond the groupthink so prevalent today
  • The church has to discern the difference between hype and reality
  • The church has to teach public and private health. This is something that is not being done. The church has an obligation to provide truthful and accurate information related to public health measures in respect to combating the spread of the virus.
    Please see what different churches are doing in this regard. Are they up to date with such information on their web or simply advertising their meetings? Again a quick search on the Internet will verify what I am saying.
    This puts more pressure on me and others like me. My own web site reached more than 760,000 visitors the last time I checked. The numbers should speak for themselves. Good, sound, practical biblical teaching of the truth is paramount, but many major ministry web sites contain little if any teaching, or if they do, it is extremely difficult to find it! Check it out.
  • The church must be able to share the gospel with people afraid of dying. We should have no fear of death because of the promises we have in the completed work of Jesus. Do you know what they are? You should!
  • Pray with effect. Pray with intelligence. Pray in the Spirit. Pray for our leaders, because this is a biblical command. They are continually finding out that there are many things beyond their control!
  • The church should care for vulnerable church members. The church is called to do good to all men—but especially to the household of faith (see Galatians 6:10). We especially need to look out for older and disabled church members who often do not have adequate resources especially if panic shopping prevents their ability to purchase the necessities of life.
  • The church needs to be able to provide proper care and attention as far as feeding people. Many programs provide cheap, near end-of-life foods that are generally unfit for consumption. A quick look into the charity bins etc will verify that.
  • The church should look for ways to love our neighbor. In every community there are vulnerable people. During a panic, the population goes into survival mode and its default position is “every man is for himself.” This is already happening in many places. We should be able to behave differently from the world in this present crisis. Perhaps the church—your church— can do this is by making sure the elderly, disabled and other groups of vulnerable people have all they need regarding food, toiletries and care. This is a 24 hour a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year requirement.

This is something that is alien to many of us, perhaps because of our way of life and habit patterns, but Christians need to learn and practice both health and healing. We need to learn about preventative health, not only divine healing.

Most of the deaths from the coronavirus are among those who already had underlying health issues, whose immune system was already compromised. The average person who is constantly eating wrong, like consuming processed foods, snacks between meals, eating late at night, will compromise their immune system. Many products are difficult to digest, leading to inflammation, a possible root  cause of cancer, arthritis and other serious maladies.

God has provided a list of the foods that we can eat in His word and what to avoid, but we have been ignoring His advice and wonder why sickness prevails. I am not suggesting that we become like some of the religious groups around, but we really do need to do some checking and make appropriate changes.

Unfortunately, many believers think they can violate natural law and then pray for divine healing. It does not work.

Key points
This is not the first Coronavirus Global economy Covenant promises Psalm 91 Put it to work Fear not Prayer Choices Medication & chemicals God's hand Self sufficiency

I will say this again... if this Corinavirus is running rampant in your area—do Not be afraid...

Do what you can do, ensure that you are living pure and holy lives before the Lord, adopt good healthy diets and hygiene and please think twice about running to a doctor first if you think you have any symptoms. Take a big breath and talk it over with the Lord first and listen to what He has to say to you.

Enjoy life to the full and keep your eyes on the Lord and His promise to you. We are...




I really would like your feedback on this matter.

What I have shared is, as I have already stated, a service to whoever wishes to read it.

I also state that I am no expert in these matters and so if there is incorrect information provided, or if there is something I have not shared, it needs to be fixed.

Please send me your feedback and comments. Click here to send an email.

Thank you.

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