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Marjorie Carter

This is my story:
I was born in England and moved to Australia with my parents when I was seven years of age.
I lived in Sydney before moving to the Gold Coast in Queensland.

I met Robert as if by accident at a Christmas party held in a Christian woman's home.
We did not date, but established a friendship that consisted mainly by having a picnic in a park on Mount Tamborine wheren he lived at the time and by several telephone calls.

Robert invited me to a conference being held by a well known international speaker where we were seated in the ministers' section. As the man was speaking, he suddenly stopped and asked everyone to stand so that he could pray for Australia. When we stood, we were engulfed in the presence of God and stuggled to remain standing. We do not know who long we stood together together but realaized that he had resumed speaking whilst we were the only people still standing.

One evening, Robert telephoned me to say that God had woken him and had been speaking. about us. He did not know that God had spoken to me in similar fashion.
He woke me one evening, with the instructions to marry Robert and help him in his ministry.

Neither of us had the immediate courage to speak about this until the Lord spoke powerfully to Robert one night about it. He telephoned me and we discussed the matter. It was a strange experience really as we were merely friends. Most of our acquaintance was on the telephone anyhow and neither of us were disposed to remarrying. On the few occasions we "dated", Robert was a perfect gentleman. He opened doors for me, brought me flowers and we shook hands whenever we greeted each other. He is an old fashioned romantically minded gentleman and still treats me like a lady. Our marriage is truly God blessed and God ordained.

Some time after speaking like that to us, the Lord spoke to Robert saying that he already considered us to be already married in his sight.

I asked the Lord, "If this is so, then when did you marry us"? His reply was that he married us at that convention. He gently chastised me, saying, "I gave you this man. Stop procrastinating. Stop putting things off. Set a date and keep it". I replied, "But Lord, I hardly know him" and the Lord answered, "But I do" and he told us that we had work to do together, that he was going to send us to the nations and that we would be traveling extensively. "Hurry up" he said, "you are running out of time and I want to use you to reach many people with the Gospel".

According to the Lord,our marriage would become a role model, a blessing and an inspiration to many people and we have proved this to be correct.

We work together as one in a pleasantly surprising unison that is rarely seen, learning that the statements about marriages made in Heaven and a marriage ordained by God are very real and true and a biblical truth few enjoy. Between us, we have developed a ministry that is practical and down-to-earth with a deep and intimate relationship, both with each other and with Jesus.

Both of us have a predominantly prophetic mantle with a softness and gentleness of approach. In his apostolic role, Robert in particular relies much on the anointing of the Holy Spirit which is at many times physically evident in many ways. He flows in the Gifts of the Spirit in a very powerful and accurate manner.

Both of us are experiencing an increase in Angelic activity in our lives and spend extended periods of time together in the presence of God.

We are seasoned world wide travelers and are prepared to go at almost a moment's notice to travel wherever the Lord sends us. We do not have a ministry way of life and a private way of life that differ from each other... our ministry way of life and our private way of life are one and the same. We are utterly and totally committed to living the life we speak of… a life of faith and living according to the Word of God, in complete trust and obedience to him.

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