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Robert & Marjorie

We are non-denominational ordained ministers of the gospel

Robert has been walking with the Lord since 1968 and has a proven track record in various ministry capacities around the world ever since.

For several years, the Lord had been speaking to us about massive changes coming to the world, to the church and to us. In 2015, He instructed us to close our church and relocate.
After making sure all those with whom we had relationship were in good hands, we resigned from our denominational alliance and moved in preparation for what was to come.
We relate in fellowship and loose affiliation with other ministries around the world to provide stability and give biblical evidence of our standing.

We moved to Adelaide in South Australia waiting for God to reveal what was next.

Our ministry is now predominantly web site based and we concentrate on teaching. We present biblical truths in simple, yet profound ways and drawn much from original language scriptures, avoiding as much as possible any denominational influences or bias.

At the time of writing the COVID-19 world pandemic has radically changed life for many people around the world.

Church as we once knew it has also changed. Church life might never return to what it once was and we are thankful that God has pre-positioned us for such a time as this.

We are not certain of what will happen next, but we are confident that God has everything under control. For this reason, Bashan Ministries is getting ready, not to return to the old ways, but to embrace the new and assist God's people in the transition.

We shall regularly update the information we provide from time to time and wish God's richest blessing on you.

Robert and Marjorie Carter

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