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Jesus made some very powerful and compelling statements after His resurrection that startled His Disciples.
His closing words ring throughout the world today… “Go ye…”

Many believers call them “The Great Commission”.

In this thought-provoking presentation, Pastor Robert Carter asks the questions, “What is the Great Commission”? Do we really understand what He said and are we actually doing what He commanded?


One recent Friday evening as I was taking a shower, I asked the Lord what He would like me to preach on in the following Sunday's service. My approach to ministering is to seek what He wants done, not necessarily to preach what I think is a good sermon. I like to share notes with the people in my church whenever possible and wanted to prepare something for them as usual to take home with them. 

It is easy to stand behind a pulpit and speak, but the people in church congregations may not remember everything they hear.
It is easy to think of Sunday’s roast or something else and leave church to go shopping or attend a sporting event. That is OK. We are meant to enjoy life to the full, until it overflows, but we also need to devote one day to God. Treat it as His day and ponder over the message at home afterwards.
It is easy to forget the message otherwise and if it is Holy Ghost driven, it could provide precisely what is required for a special purpose.

I believe that people need something to take with them for future reference and, as I said before, try to give everyone sermon notes of the message. I do this so that they can check what is preached to ensure accuracy and for revision purposes. The church at Berea checked messages out.  In Acts 17:11 we see they did not readily accept what was told them over a pulpit and checked the preaching against scripture. I often invite people to do this with my material and I wish that more people who call themselves Christians would do that. It can avoid error and protect immature believers. Please check what you hear, regardless of who is standing in front of you. You have the right, the privilege and the responsibility to do so.

As I was standing beneath that shower, I was talking with the Lord about it and, as He often does, He replied by asking me a question.

He said, "What is the great commission?" stressing the word IS! I was flabbergasted. I though that the great commission was evangelism. I thought that it was going into the highways and the byways reaching the lost for Jesus.

He said, “Is it?” That started me thinking so I did some in-depth research into the matter.

What is shared on this page is part of what I found.

It is reproduced here for your assessment, encouragement and blessing.


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