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I am not one who talks much about conspiracy theories and the like. Nor am I the sort of person who follows the vast numbers of “experts” and “commentators” on social media. We simply do not know all the truth, which is why I keep saying to put things to the test for yourselves and have enough sense to ask the Holy Spirit for His take on things.
On this occasion however, I feel it important enough to share this with you, so weigh it up, pray about it and do your own homework.

The COVID-19 virus has reached across the world with catastrophic proportions likened to biblical apocalypse.
It is commonly understood that it emanated from Wuhan in China.
It is also believed by many authorities that the Chinese authorities deliberately withheld information and that a big cover-up occurred.
The World Health Organization has also come under fire because of their poor response.
A recent report revealed that President Trump is withdrawing massive financial support.

What is disturbing is the relationship the WHO has had with China for some time prior the outbreak.

In January 2019, a high-level meeting was held between Who officials, including the director-general, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus and high ranking officials of a Chinese organization focussing on domination or world markets.
The image above was taken at this meeting, celebrating the WHO’s participation in China’s Belt and Road Initiative by supporting the “overseas training of more than 2,000 Chinese health workers.”
The  Belt and Road Initiative has nothing to do with health work.

It is a global development strategy adopted by the Chinese government in 2013.
It involves infrastructure development and investments in nearly 70 countries and international organizations in Asia, Europe, and Africa.

Formerly named One Belt One Road (OBOR), the name was changed in 2016 when the Chinese government considered the emphasis on the word “one” was prone to misinterpretation.
“One Belt One Road” however is still used in Chinese-language media. 

The Chinese objectives are “to construct a unified large market and make full use of both international and domestic markets, through cultural exchange and integration, to enhance mutual understanding and trust of member nations, ending up in an innovative pattern with capital inflows, talent pool and technology database.”

It has been seen as a push for Chinese dominance in global affairs with a China-centered trading network.

President Trump has been working to oppose the OBOR with a program titled the Free and Open Indo-Pacific strategy (FOIP). The European Union supports the OBOR despite the objections of several member nations.

What is disturbing is that the prominent display of an image at the head of the meeting table seen in the picture.

It is a statue of the Hindu goddess known as “Shiva the Destroyer”.

Shiva is one of the principal deities of Hinduism and is known as “The Destroyer” within the Trimurti, the Hindu trinity that includes Brahma and Vishnu.
In Hinduism, Shiva represents a duality of being both a benefactor and a malignant destroyer. 

Devdutt Pattanaik, an Indian mythologist, wrote an article in
 Economic Times (click the link) explaining how Shiva fits into modern corporate society.

Pattanaik said, “Organizations are built by people who have the desire to achieve something. This desire makes them Brahma, the creator of the organization, but when their desire ceases and they let go of the organization and they become Shiva, the destroyer.

Hinduism is not one of the five religions recognized by the Chinese government so it is not known why the statue of a Hindu deity would be displayed at the meeting.
Interstingly, the statue of Shiva the Destroyer is also prominently displayed at the entrance of the European Organization for Nuclear Research, known as 
CERN, in Switzerland.

CERN operates the largest particle physics laboratory in the world. Physicist Fritjof Capra explains its presence at the laboratory by saying, “For the modern physicists, then, Shiva’s dance is the dance of subatomic matter.”
In 2012, CERN was granted official observer status at the UN. 

It is interesting to note that nuclear research has been associated with Shiva since its inception.

J. Robert Oppenheimer, known as “the father of the atomic bomb” for his work on the bombs dropped on Japan at the end of WWII recited a quote referring to Shiva from the Hindu text, the Baghavid-Gita, at the first atom bomb test in 1945.

Oppenheimer said, “I am become death, the destroyer of worlds”. 

Tedros Adhanom has a clouded history.

His candidacy for the WHO director-general was opposed vigorously by several Ethiopian parties, due to his career in the Tigray People’s Liberation Front, the most powerful of the armed liberation movements in Ethiopia with decidedly Marxist ideologies and an abysmal record of human rights violations.
TPLF sees self-determination as the launching pad for the ultimate socialist revolution. The TPLF provided millions of dollars in financial support for his candidacy in WHO.

When running Ethiopia’s health ministry, he was known to discourage journalists from reporting about suspected cholera cases in the country while deliberately preventing life-saving actions.
His ministry was accused of misappropriating over $7 million in funds appropriated for these epidemics.

Tedros has identified universal health coverage as his top priority at WHO.

In 2017, he chose President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, a leader with a horrifying record of human rights abuse, to serve as a WHO Goodwill Ambassador.
Observers said that he was returning a campaign favour.

The WHO under his leadership has been heavily criticized for its reaction to the spread of the coronavirus.
Tedros was criticized by some government officials and experts and was perceived to have acted slowly in his efforts to stem the epidemic, and as having a too-close relationship with the government of China where the pandemic originated.

Tedros praised China for its containment measures, describing them as a “new standard for outbreak control”, a position which was criticized in light of China’s efforts to suppress information.

As I ponder more over this situation, I see several possible causes, summed up as:

  • A natural event
  • Human stupidity
  • A deliberate plot
  • An act of God either by permission or in some direct form of action.

I leave you with these thoughts for your prayerful assessment.

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