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The world in which we live is changing

COVID-19 has forever altered the way we live and everyone has been affected in some way.

Lock-down is a term that was alien to many people. It shut down all places of worship, including Christian churches and such closures in essence forced us all to look closely at how we “do church”.
Some churches closed permanently and may never reopen. Others are now conducting services with reduced attendances and social distancing.
Others have had to go on-line with varying degrees of success.

Other factors also affect us. They include terrorist activity, wars, natural disasters, economic collapse and for Christians—changes in society that threaten the values we have treasured.
Gender diversity, LGBTI,  euthanasia, abortion to end of term, hate speech, discrimination and religious persecution are some of the issues we are facing.

The church as we once knew it is at a crossroads.
We have seen financial mismanagement, child abuse, scandals, abuse of power and other issues that evokes such questions as:

  • How effective is the church today?
  • Is the church of our day relevant?
  • What is the role of the church today?
  • What is the future of the church?

What is happening to the Church and in the church?

  • Is it time to let go of the past?
  • Is it time to prepare for change?
  • Is it time to get ready for a whole new direction in our lives?
  • Are we really iiving in "end times", prophetically speaking?

Perhaps we may be able to help you find some answers to such questions.
We are ordained ministers with more than 50 years of experience as pastors, evangelists, teachers and church planters.
We are non-denominational and are able to minister freely to the Body of Christ without denominational bias or tradition
We draw extensively from the original languages
We rely much on the ministry of the Holy Spirit
We provide regular teaching by free E-mail subscription

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We reach into 28 nations
and almost 1 million people

Our Ministry Motto
Preparing the way

John the baptizer heralded the coming Messiah. We hope to do likewise, helping people everywhere for the return of Jesus Christ. ...the voice of one who calls out: Prepare in the desert the way for the Lord. Isaiah 40:3

This is a timeless presentation

It is based on the events of Easter / Passover

It reveals how much God loves you

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Are we living in days of prophetic fulfillment?

See Prepare the way of the Lord
The horseman and chariot of Israel

Real life experiences

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A message for today

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